Right Side of History

I wrote this song exactly one year ago October 27, 2019. At the time, I could already sense a reckoning of epic proportion was on the horizon. Three grueling years of lies and hateful rhetoric that continues to plague us as much as the current pandemic. There was constant news of more killings of unarmed black citizens in police custody, Mexican children on the border in cages with silver blankets, rallies of white power advocates screaming “Build that wall," and “Jews will not replace us,” a president that declares “fine people on both sides,” and when later asked to denounce these hate groups only exclaiming “stand back and stand by." In this 11th hour...where do YOU stand?

The message of this song is that the MAGA ship is sinking and “when the ship goes down, and it’s plain to see, I pray you’re standing on the right side of history.” Vote 2020

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Written, arranged, produced, and performed by Moses Patrou
Mixed by Leo Sidran and Moses Patrou
Mastered by Erik Blicker
Video by Mark Whitcomb

Thanks to Dream cymbals, Ludwig drums,
Special thanks to LaCouir D. Yancey, Al Falaschi, Tony Scherr, and Diego Voglino.

Moses Patrou

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